Club Penguin Comics By Dr_Pufflespy : Day 1

These are Just Some comics i made and i hope you like them! they are very nice !

people are shopping,some are running ! some are trying out clothes,and some are paying money ,but there’s one guy that isnt shopping or running or trying out clothes,then what is he doing ? he saw cadence…and he came to the shop and said ‘ OMG I JUST SAW CADENCE ‘ so everybody followed him,see what will happen next :

he got them to the night club,everybody was dancing and having fun ! the last guy that came was a tour guide,he couldn’t see cadence clear,he was hearing people saying WOW CADENCE,and with them a Pink Penguin,he said OMG,that might be cadence,so he went there and said , IS THAT CADENCE?Then he gets closer and noticed she’s cadence,they all started to dance,until……see what happend next

oh no! Cadence has gone ! everybody was sad.and outside of the night club,we’re cadence was there,everybody has left

here’s how it looks now :

penguins we’re at the town,they heard some noise,what is it?we will see !

seems like they heared some song ! far far away….they attempt to walk to there ! but some guy fell,he said : ( OOPS I FELL ),then they got there,see what happens :

there was some cool music ! there was a band ! rookie was there,but he didn’t like the song , he said its very loud , as you can see in the picture

the party was so awesome,there was a guy taking pictures,and people we’re messaging their friends so they can come

These are the comics for today,come back later !



  1. hmm…very nice and funny!
    I know how you made these!
    Its on those disney programs,you chose club penguin,you can also choose normal disney channel programs comics!
    I also made some of these,I even saved the link,you choose the link,then you choose from a variety of penguins and speech bubles!
    It is very nice programs!
    I made many comics several times!
    And the comic you made is very nice!
    I think i should make a page in my channel that will feature comics of my own,with the help of that programs!
    BTW-Nice comics!

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