New Club Penguin Puffle Color Announced

Finally ! We’ve Been waiting For this Day
Our Investigations for The New Puffle That Club Penguin Will Release Is Right ! The Puffle isn’t RELEASED ,
The New Puffle Will Dig for Treasure Ofcourse
But , He can Get Super Rare Items , the New Club Penguin Background Says Has a Penguin with Hes Puffle , Hes Puffle Just Found a RARE ITEM , and the Penguin was happy , thats a CLUE that the new puffle will dig for RARE ITEMS , Also on the Club Penguin – It’s Our Time to Shine , On That Video , Puffleposh Said ‘ I’ll Dig for Super Rare Items With my Golden Puffle’
To bad The New Puffle Requires Membership . so not everybody can get it
the new puffle isnt released , club penguin will release him IN 11/14/2013 , also on the CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP PAGE , it says Collect SUPER RARE ITEMS with the new Golden Puffle in Nov .14
We Also Got some Pictures for The New Puffle , They’re Not Clear But We’ll Post Them
Youll Get Lots More Pictures For The New Puffle is You Watch The Video



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