Day 3 Cheats of Operation Puffle

Club Penguin Mountains

Club Penguin Operation Puffle Cheats – Day 3

This is what you see when you login. Go to the outpost (click Go There) to get started.

club penguin operation puffle day 3 cheats

You’ll now be transported to the first Operation Puffle party room. Click on the hole which the black puffle is hopping out of.

This mission is the same as the previous two. For some reason, I found this one much easier than both of them. Maybe because I’m used to it now.

All you have to do is slide down hills by holding the downwards arrow on your keyboard. That is also how you catch puffles. Remember to only hold it when you’re going down a hill or you’ll be slowed down!

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 3 catching

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 3 caught

Hopefully Club Penguin will make these missions harder as the party progresses!

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