Operation Puffle – Full info and clues!

Club Penguin Mountains

Hiya guys! I have found something VERY interesting all over Club Penguin related things!The awesome Club Penguin team have left many Countless Clues and hints that show that operation puffle and golden puffle will be coming in November or soon! If you dont know what is Operation Puffle,you will soon find out! Operation Puffle is a mission set out by the EPF in November 2013.This will involve one of the BIGGEST missions in Club Penguin,other than Operation Blackout. And now,for the clues and hints/tips.


  • Herbert was been captured in the Official Halloween party trailer video October 2013,this could maybe show us,that he is back on the island and might come in November.
  • He was also spotted in Halloween party trailer October 2012,and after that was Operation Blackout,the same here,after Halloween,Operation Puffle,why is he only returning after Halloween parties?
  • Also,you will notice,in the railer of the Halloween party 2013,his…

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Hey there! I'm the owner of Club Penguin Mountains, where I write posts all about Club Penguin Rewritten, an incredible virtual world.

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