New Outdoor Game

Club Penguin Mountains

 Hi Guys, CP released this new outdoor game. Enjoy!
*Work with a parent or guardian
  • 4 or more friends
  • Paper and a pen to make your plans
  • Resourcefulness
  • Note: if possible, use flashlights, stopwatches or other spy gear.
Your Orders:
  1. Create a list of secret agent Field-Ops (see examples below)
  2. Split your agents into teams and give each team the list of tasks
  3. Set a time limit
  4. Move out!
  5. The team that completes all Field-Ops first is victorious

Operation Seek & Recover:
You need a small plastic bag.
Bring back a total of 4 objects from the field —1 x circle, 1 x square, 1 x triangle, 1 x rectangle.

Operation Intel:
You need a paper and a pen.
Bring back a list of 15 things in the field that start with the letter “s”.

There are no limitations to…

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Hey there! I'm the owner of Club Penguin Mountains, where I write posts all about Club Penguin Rewritten, an incredible virtual world.

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