Why will Herbert keep those coins

Hey guys,

Thanks to the best agent Dot who found Herbert’s Lair And Record


Now lets see what the Evil Bear and the Clickty Crabs Up too


Herbert: Klutzy, throw another coin in! It’s gotta stay warm.

Klutzy: Click click, click.

Herbert: Not warm enough! I finally have  a place where I can relax and enjoy a nice quiet game.

Klutzy: Clickety click click!

Herbert: Well you should have a thought of that before you stole a COIN-operated dial  for the furnace! Honestly, if it wasn’t for that, I would’t even have to use my mind control device on the puffles.

Klutzy: Clickety clickety…

Herbert: Of course we don’t have enough yet! I want to have be nice and toasty for the rest of my life! MWAHAHAHA!

Klutzy: Click!

Herbert: What did you just do? Don’t step
there! You’re going to set off that trap


That’s all Dot able to record. A trap, and a rest?!?,

Hmm, this must be interesting

Comment down why will Herbert set a trap and take a rest :/

Waddle On



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