Operation Ninja

Good news,

I found Herbert next mission.

In Club Herbert, You can see Klutzy is looking at the map

Club Herbert Updates December 4, 2013

But there is Mountains


Well, The Dojo is on the Mountains, So Herbert is having another plan,

That means, New mission for us. It can be the same date as Card Jitsu Snow 2013 or Operation Hot Sauce

There will be Shadow Dojo which you can get Shadow Ninja

Don’t know Shadow Ninja yet.

Look at the middle of the Card Jitsu Neck Item

and The Suit is:

Happy CFC Penguin Castle đŸ˜‰


About itsepicbirds

Hey, Its me Epicbirds, I am a Author of Penguin Castle, I mostly go to sever Sleet. I have a channel. Dino Party starts. I am the epic dude. So epic on

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