Penguin Castle Club Penguin Party


We’re Making A Party , click read more to Know the Information

Hello Guys We Are Making a Party in Club penguin For Achieving 15,000 Visitors And For Christmas , 

Here’s the Invitation Image :

You can Invite People By Sending it To Them Through Mail or Sending Them the Link for This Post





If You Don’t Know The PST Time , then it is the Penguin Standard Time,it is in Club penguin , or Click Here for the PST Time

On 12/22/2013 go to Club penguin and Login , Go to The Bobsled Server Then Pull out Your Map And go to Town , Then Click on The Dance Club


We Will Dance in The Dance Club , Chat,And More at 06:00 AM PST Until 06:10 And We Will Do Lots of Things , i have Alot of Ideas,Thats why i made This Picture, the Party Plans Picture

Don’t Forget to Wear Costumes And Invite Friends






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