Berry Christmas + Epicbird’s Igloo Party

Beary Christmas and a Happy new Bear

Lol I made that up in Herbert Style.

Anyways Merry Christmas, I am so happy.

I got a Shadow guys Plush Toy.

and I got the code.

If you seen my video one of my post, I made a video right.

Well, If you didn’t see it or If you want to watch it again. Here is it

and my party. I got 500 likes. Right now I have 515. I am having an EPICNESS CP Igloo Party

Here is the Meetup:

Please come there. I will record so we can be in the video. I will record the Interview.

Please Come there

epic on

About itsepicbirds

Hey, Its me Epicbirds, I am a Author of Penguin Castle, I mostly go to sever Sleet. I have a channel. Dino Party starts. I am the epic dude. So epic on

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