Epic Igloo Party with Epicbirds

hey guys.

Its 2014 and I already post this, Just posting so you CAN COME

I am making a Igloo Party. Because School is coming. Break will be over in next week at monday for me.

So I decide To have a Igloo Party.

Here is the Time

It a 30 mins party, and EST, not PST

I will record, The video Trailer will be here later

There will be

  • Epic Crystal Igloo
  • Entry Fun Party Igloo
  • Ginger Holidays Igloo
  • Interview Time Igloo
  • Ninja Dojo Igloo
  • EPF Mission Igloo
  • Train Ride Igloo
  • Puffle Party Igloo
  • CP Restaurant Igloo
  • The Penguin Castle
  • and more….

Please come to my igloo, It will be Fun and Please Like

I will make an interview too.

Happy New Year 2014 and Epic On


About itsepicbirds

Hey, Its me Epicbirds, I am a Author of Penguin Castle, I mostly go to sever Sleet. I have a channel. Dino Party starts. I am the epic dude. So epic on

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