Arpil Fools Party and Puffle Party 2014 are coming

Hey guys,

I am so happy for the Fair,

But not just the winter Fair.

There are still more Upcoming Parties I know.

April Fools Party and Puffle Party 2014 are coming

April Fools Party 2014

April Fools is my favorite  Holiday. There will be a Fool Party.

I think Rookie may come cause he loves Pranks. How I know is….

I was waddling in CP wiki, And i saw this post.

Boy, It may be March, or It can be other month. I hope It is here.


Puffle Party 2013 2014

Puffle party is coming. I cross out 2013 and changed into 2014

There will be no new puffles I think. But, It there is, Please comment what puffle do you think.

There are 2 tweets from Polo and Spike

It will release in April 2014.


I hope you guys are so excited.

And I almost forgot

Epic onn


About itsepicbirds

Hey, Its me Epicbirds, I am a Author of Penguin Castle, I mostly go to sever Sleet. I have a channel. Dino Party starts. I am the epic dude. So epic on

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