New thing come to clubpenguin!

Hi penguin the new thing come on clubpenguin see here:

1) Code

Another new free item capable of being unlocked with a single code in Club Penguin has been found. Unfortunately, I’m still not too good at tracking sources, so I’m not sure who found this code to begin with. This brand new code unlocks the new Blue Blend Hoodie and is capable of being worn on all penguins, including the nonmembers. To unlock this item, log into Club Penguin, but before choosing a server, click the unlock button in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll then need to choose, “I’ve got a Code” and then enter in the code posted below.


2) Issue #438
The Muppets World Tour is on it’s way, and Aunt Arctic has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper for penguins to check out and read the latest news on the island. In this week’s Club Penguin Times Newspaper, Cadence shares information about the World Tour, Jet Pack Guy gives airline tips, new upcoming events are revealed, and a brand new comic is released.

3) Furniture catalog
Ready to fly above the clouds in the brand new CP Airline igloo revealed earlier? Well, the brand new Furniture & Igloo catalog has been released for the month of March, and members can now buy this brand new igloo along with some cool new airport-based furniture, and even some stage-based furniture. Want to check out what items are in this month’s catalog? Just take a look below.

4) New Music
In need of some brand new music to match your igloo? Club Penguin has recently released seven brand new songs for members to choose from in their igloos to match the recently released Muppets-based igloos and furniture. These brand new songs are Mariachi Medley, English Anthem, Festive India, French Avenue, Kalinka, Bretzel Bash, and Samba Sensation. These songs are only available to be added to igloos by members.

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