Puffle Handler Official Meeting Times April 2014

PH the Puffle Handler will be waddling the island starting this Friday to celebrate at the Puffle Party! If you would like to meet her you can check out some meet up times below.

Friday April 18
*5:30 AM on server Avalanche (Portuguese)

Monday April 21
*5:20 AM, server  Pororoca Polar (Portuguese)

Tuesday April 22
*6:05 AM on server Deu Branco (Portuguese)
*10:00 AM on server Meias de Lã (Portuguese)
*2:30 PM on server Estalactite (Portuguese)

Wednesday April 23
*5:15 AM on server Frapê (Portuguese)
*10:30 AM on server Cordilheira (Portuguese)
*1:50 PM on server Inverno (Portuguese)

Thursday April 24
*7:15 AM on server Mamute (Portuguese)
*11:00 AM on server Vale Branco (Portuguese)
*2:30 PM on server Pizza Fria (Portuguese)

Friday April 25
*5:45 AM on server Neblina (Portuguese)
*8:30 AM on server Ventania (Portuguese)
*1:45 PM on server Tudo Branco (Portuguese)

Sunday April 27
*10:30 AM on server Bloco de Gelo (Portuguese)
*11:30 AM on server Cristal de Gelo (Portuguese)

Monday April 28
*6:30 AM on server Zero Grau (Portuguese)
*11:30 AM on server Tundra (Portuguese)
*2:00 PM on server Polo Sul (Portuguese)

Tuesday April 29
*5:30 AM on server Freezer (Portuguese)
*10:00 AM on server Sibéria (Portuguese)
*1:45 PM on server Montanha Nevada (Portuguese)

Remember: The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time (PST). (If you don’t remember what PST is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)


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