Penguin of the Week: Pinga0913

Hey guys

Guess what?Its FRIDAYYY!!!!So….a new penguin of the week,i wonder who it is!!

Daffodaily5 choosed a new POTW,Check it OUT


This week’s POTW is a worthy winner; Pinga0913 is a kind, thoughtful and considerate online friend, always willing to help her buddies out and send nice postcards when they’re feeling blue. That’s in addition to having a good eye for igloo design, always being up for some EPF role play and giving new players EPIC tours! Great stuff! 🙂

If you think your bff should be Penguin of the Week, just leave a comment with their penguin name with a nice description of why they’re so brill. Of course, all winners get 10,000 coins and the POTW backgroundfor their player card. Woop!


-Club Penguin Team

i like her Hair,and more then that,The igloo looks so nice

i Wonder who’s gonna be the next POTW


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