[OVER] : Whats With Penguin Castle?

Hello Penguins,Most of you have knew Penguin Castle for some time,Or some of you are Visiting for the first time,Anyways,This matters to both.

This website was found in 2013,And i continued to Post on it Until 2014,and i thought the Website has came to an end,I stopped Blogging on it and it became Inactive and we have lost Visitors.

However,In Early 2015 i have Decided to come back on it,But we had no authors and i Could not blog due to the Fact i have a lot of School work,But now i have no school and I have decided to Start blogging on Penguin Castle again and Make it hit the roof Again.

As you see,We are now Updating the Blog,we Are making it More clean and Organized And making sure everything Is up to date,Due to Inactivity some Pages are not Up to date so it will need some Updating.

But at the same time i will Try to provide you with The club Penguin news as much as I Can,This post will stay Stickied for a while,New posts could be found below.

Here’s a List of what we are going to do in Order

  • Update Header
  • Edit widgets And delete some Widgets
  • Organize Pages
  • Delete some Pages
  • Delete some Posts
  • Change site Icon
  • Other

We are currently still in the progress of organizing our blog and making sure that Its perfect and helps us all the Penguins,Rate out progress from the scale of 10 in the Poll below

Do you own a Blog?Then read this

If you own a Blog and love to be Featured in Our Sponsors Widget And willing to do the same for us,We would be Happy to do So,Leave a comment On this post and Provide all the information you can.

If you Would like to show Support to Our website Then you can do so Via Twitter,Digg,Email

And Facebook , You could support us on other Social networks by Sharing our Website link and even On your blog,Thanks!

Also,There is Another thing,We are looking for Professional Authors,Ones who will Include pictures in their Posts,Make sure there are no Grammar mistakes,Provide Club penguin news Daily if they can and Make sure the details of their posts are Correct.

If you think you are Qualified to become an Author Leave a Comment on This post Containing Your Penguin Name,Your twitter if you have,Blogs you worked at,Your experience,And why you think you are Qualified

Thank you for Understanding

Waddle on




  1. I`m back, I am really really sorry, its just that c0mputerguy is teasing, now we became friends again.
    Hope I join, and please dont end Penguin Castle. I was playing Minecraft that time, Pls, can I join

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