Short Post : My opinion

When Club Penguin Was made, There were no Armies, However, since 2008 and After, Club Penguin armies were the New style, And then they started spamming just to get more What they call “Soldiers”,But that wasn’t their Real intention, Their real intention was making their websites famous and Annoy others.

Club Penguin Army spam-boots are one of the Reasons some Penguins are Disliking Club Penguin,They are not letting us have fun, Everyday some of their boats get Banned, However, they keep making more and more.

Some time ago, On crowded servers Such as Blizzard, In town, Everybody would be dancing,People would be chatting and some Making parties,But now, It’s all silent, It’s just Army bots Shouting.

This has caused everyone to Run to their igloos due to the fact that these bots are Annoying

I would love it, And so would you, If Club penguin Would focus more often On banning these Spam Bots, Or do Something to remove them from the game For best, Or just hire more In-game moderators that would focus on them only.


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