Decorations for 10 Year Anniversary Party : YOU Decide ~ Cove

Lately Club penguin Asked us on their blog to vote for the best decoration for the 10 Year anniversary party of Club penguin.

I thought it was the only room decoration they would let us choose again.

But according to Megg we will choose 3 room Decorations,The first one was Beach decoration,Second one is Cove decoration,And third is,Well you guess that!

Yesterday,and i apologize about not posting about it because I’m busy,Megg asked us to choose the Decorations for the Cove!

We will have to choose one out of 3 Decorations

2012 Temple of Fruit Party

2013 Prehistoric Party

2013 Super Hero Party

I choose the Prehistoric Party,i disliked the Others,the voting was a little confused But many people voted,And YOU can do too,Just leave a comment with your Answer and Don’t multi comment Because that’s bad!

What did you Vote?and Why did you?Leave a comment Below

Waddle on!


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