September 2015 Party Announcement!

Hello Penguins.

Today Megg has made a new post on the official What’s New Club Penguin Blog.

In this post,she is telling us about the Upcoming party in September!

The party is a Descendants Party,Check out an official Concept art of one of the Rooms

The other news are for the CP App users,The dock will be available for them during the Party,Amazing isn’t it!

Megg also tells us to stay tuned because she will be giving us more information about this Party!

If you don’t know whats Descendants,then it’s a Disney Movie published in 2015,According to Wikipedia here’s what it’s about

Ben, the teenaged son of King Beast and Queen Belle, invites the exiled children of defeated villains to attend a prep school with the heroes’ children.

Also,In one of the comments Megg hinted to something which is unknown but seems like something BIG,here’s what she said

Great question! It will be more about having fun dressing up as the characters and acting out the movie. We wanted to give our story writers more time to focus on the Anniversary and Halloween parties 😀 (And November…dun dun dun!)


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