a Fire Ninja


Card-Jitsu Fire is a version of the game, Card-Jitsu brought in November of 2008. This game is a game where Member Ninjas can compete in multiplayer battles in the Fire Dojo to earn different pieces of the Fire Ninja Suit. Once you gain the full suit, you can challenge Sensei to a battle to eventually become a Fire Ninja!

How To Play:

First off, Make sure you:

To play, go to Sensei at the top of the Fire Dojo:

Pick the Option: Earn your Fire Suit:

When your turn comes around, the rocks in the center will glow yellow. At this time, you click any of them, and it will tell you how many spaces you can move:

There are 2 ways to get in a regular Card-Jitsu battle: If you land on the Card-Jitsu Cards on the top and bottom stones or if you and your opponent land on the same tile. If you win the Card-Jitsu battle, you will gain one energy!

If you land on a rock with an element on it, it will be a that type of Battle and the higher power card will win.

The Left and Right outer stones that have Fire, Water, and Snow symbol will let you to choose 1 of the 3 elements.

You  start out with 6 energies,  if you lose a round you’ll lose one of your energies. You can see your energy in the bottom right of your penguin during the battle. After all your energy is gone, you are out of the game. If everyone loses there energy before you, you win.

If you come to a round and you don’t have that type of card, it will show the symbol with a backslash through it. All you have to do is play a random LOW energy card.


Winning Amounts:

Flame Sandals:

Win=10% Gain
Lose=2% Gain

Magma Coat:

Win=7% Gain
Lose=1% Gain

Lava Mask:

Win= 5% Gain
Lose=0% Gain

Fiery Helmet:

Win=3% Gain
Lose=0% Gain

Beating Sensei:

Sensei plays low snow cards, but high Fire Cards. So if you have a 10+ fire in a fire battle and a 7+ snow in a snow battle, it will be easier to beat him! Once you beat him, you will earn the title of Fire Ninja! And for Card-Jitsu battle, pick a 10+ Fire, 6+ water, or a high snow card and you might win!


Once you beat him, a lot of things will happen! First off, your fire suit can do cool motions! If you dance, your penguin will hold fire!

And if you wave, fire will circle you and make u invisible!

You will get your gem and something will happen in the Ninja Hideout!


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