a Ninja

Card-Jitsu was brought to Club Penguin by Sensei in 2008 when we dug out the Dojo from snow! In Card-Jitsu, you can earn different belts for your penguin, and eventually challenge Sensei for your title of Ninja! If you defeat Sensei, you will receive a Ninja Mask and will be able to access other Dojos!

How to Play:

1. Go to Sensei on the far right side of the Dojo:

2. Play on a mat or return to the Sensei to play Competition Mode (Competition gives more experience)

3. When you face another player, you have cards of water, fire, and ice. All cards labeled with a number and a color

4. To win a round, you will need to know a few things:

**If the card is the same type, then the highest card wins**

5. To win, you have to have 1 of each type (Water, Fire, Snow) in a different color

6. You can also win by  having a card with 1 type of card in different colors


There are 9 different belts. You have to win different amounts to earn the next belt. Here is an estimate:

5-7 wins

7-13 wins

8-14 wins

9-15 wins

10-16 wins

12-17 wins

13-18 wins

14-19 wins

15-20 wins

Note: These are just guesses. This only works in Competition Mode. If you click on the card icon in the corner, you can see your progress on belts.

How to Beat Sensei

To beat the Sensei, you may think it is hopeless. He’s always one step ahead.

It’s just like any other belt, you just have to keep facing him, and losing, until he messes up. Once he messes up, you can take the edge and beat him! It will probably take 5 to 10 tries.

After you defeat Sensei, you will get your Ninja Mask and entrance into the Ninja Hideout!

This room is where penguins can purchase Items for Ninjas only and Spar with each other to become the best you can be!


For all players, you can go into the Martial Arts Catalog and Purchase the Golden Amulet:

When you purchase this Amulet, you will gain access into New Dojos!

Continue Your Journey:


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