a Snow Ninja

Greetings Ninjas! Your quest to master the element of Snow has just begun! This new element can now be trained at the Dojo! To access the Snow Dojo, use your map to go to the Dojo and then waddle over to the Snow Dojo Door:


You will then arrive at the Snow Dojo, where you will be able to train in the element of Snow! To start your training, waddle over to the bridge in between the statues:


Once you say yes to playing, you will be brought to this screen:


At this point, you get to choose your element you want to use!

Before you choose, you can read about what each Ninja Element does! Check them out below:

Water Ninja:


Snow Ninja:


Fire Ninja:


Once you select your element, click Play and you will be brought to the loading screen:


Once all of the penguins have joined, you will be brought to this loading page:


Once the game starts, you will see a tiled map like this:


The blue squares are the spots you are available to move! To move, just click on a blue spot! When you are range of an enemy, you will be able to attack him!


To attack, click on the enemy when you see a Red Square!

As you go through defeating enemies, the bar at the bottom of the screen will continue to increase. Once it is all full, you will gain a power card in which you can use a special attack!


To use the power card, select it and place it on a red tile:


There are three rounds that you must survive through:


At the end of the game, you will see this screen:


Keep playing the game until you have earned your status as Snow Ninja!


After you receive your Snow Gem, Sensei will tell you that it is time to face Tusk, his old friend.


Waddle over to the door and you will be prompted to the Final Battle!


Once you get into Tusk’s Lair, this will be the layout:


Sensei and Tusk do not move locations. Every 3 Turns, Sensei will unleash a power card move! Try to time your power cards at the same time for powerful combos!

After you defeat Tusk, you will be given Tusk’s Cape and the final clip!


At this point, your journey as a Snow Ninja is complete! However, there are still items that you can collect by playing!




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