a Water Ninja

Card-Jitsu Water is a version of the game, Card-Jitsu brought in November of 2010. This game is a game where member Ninjas can compete in multiplayer battles in the Water Dojo to earn different pieces of the Water Ninja suit . Once you gain the full suit, you can challenge Sensei to a battle to eventually become a Water Ninja!

First of all, make sure you,

Here are the instructions given before you play a match:

To play, go to Sensei and pick Earn your Water Suit. This game is sort of like checkers, except it’s a race for checkmate. You’re trying to get past the elements on the blocks in front of you and beat everyone to the gong. To get past the elements, you have to pick cards on the bar at the bottom.

With those cards, you have to pick the right tile to jump onto:

In this picture, you could either go with the Water tile or Fire tile. With the scrolling cards, pick either a Water Card to put the fire out, or a Snow Card to freeze the water. After you do that, then you will jump ahead.

Also be aware as you go higher upstream, the elements will get bigger, so you’ll have to use cards more than once or use more powerful cards. If you use a card on a tile with the same element, it will get bigger!

With power cards, you will also affect the elements around you. An example is that it could burn other snow tiles around you, or make fire tiles around you grow bigger.

Once you make it to the top, your penguin will jump and hit the gong, and you’ll win!

Wave Sandals:

Win=10% Gain
Lose=2% Gain

Waterfall Coat:

Win=7% Gain
Lose=1% Gain

Torrent Mask:

Win= 5% Gain
Lose=0% Gain

Helmet of Oceans:

Win=1.5% Gain
Lose=0% Gain

Once you’ve completed your Water Ninja suit, you can challenge Sensei and win. Unlike the other games, beating Sensei is surprisingly easy once you have your Helmet of Oceans. There is no special trick, just try to be fast and get to the Gong before him.
Here’s what it will look like when you dance and wave with the Water Ninja suit on!

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