Card-Jitsu Shadow

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Hello guys i just made This Page to investigate or Talk about the Card-jitsu Shadow,

There are Rumors about a New Card-jitsu and it’ll be the Last One

First of all We got a Picture of Spike Hike Asked by a Penguin about card-jitsu Shadow


So On this Post Spike Hike is Trying to say that there will be Card-jitsu Shadow but after Snow,

Snow is The Last One,So Card-jitsu Shadow Should be released Anytime these years

But in Another Tweet He Says its a Rumor


And There’s a Club Penguin Secret Background that i Found in one of the SWF’s That Appears to be a Shadow-Jitsu Background or a Card…i dont know , i think its a card because no of the Card-jitsu’s Had Any Backgrounds

If you noticed there’s a Shadow Ninja at the Background

Here’s How the Shadow Ninja Looks

On Club Penguin Blog One of the Posts Said at the End,

It’s On The ‘CP Next’ Update

Click here to view that post

And There’s a Screenshot of Sensei Getting Asked About Shadow-Jitsu

And Here’s What he Answered

And 1 More Clue

you guys Know Happy77?He used to work with club penguin

On one of hes Pictures Standing Behind Rockhopper in Christmas

Under hes Hat you will notice that hes Wearing something that looks like a Bag or something

But its a Midnight Mask Which is One of the Card-Jitsu Shadow , It Matches, Its the Same

Midnight Mask

There’s Also a SWF For the four Shadow items ( Nightfall Coat,Helmet of Shadows,Shade Sandals,Midnight Mask )

They Don’t Really Appear but you can see the bottom Part


Midnight Mask

ID : 2033

Midnight Mask


Helmet of Shadows

Helmet of Shadows

ID : 1271


Nightfall Coat

Nightfall Coat

ID : 4380


Shade Sandals

Shade Sandals

ID : 6077


When you go to the dojo and look at the floor you will see something like this

Have you Ever noticed That Something is Missing?

Its Shadow,It’s supposed to be in The Middle

It’s this :

Gema da Sombra

Also when you stand for awhile in the Dojo , You’ll Notice that some Ninja’s are running in the roof or something

But thats a shadow , it might be a clue ,i dont know





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