Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber

1. If your ship fills up with water, your ship will sink and crash causing you to lose a life.

2. Find bubbles. These bubbles will empty out the water in your submarine.

3. Jump out of the water if possible. It will release all the water in your submarine.

4. Grab the pearls from the clams, when they are asleep. Be sure not to wake them.

5. Bring a pink puffle with you. It blows bubbles which will take some water out of the submarine.

Aqua Grabber Level 1: Clam Waters

Collect pearls from the small clams, while they are asleep. The black pearls are worth more coins.

Once you have all the pearls from the top, go to the bottom right. Pick up the rock.

Drop the rock on the clam. Now, pickup the grand pearl.

Bring it up to the top and complete the level.

Aqua Grabber Level 2: Soda Seas

In the new level, you have to gather items, and drop them off in the net at the top.

Find all the kegs. Save the ones with the coral in front of them for later. Once you have gathered enough kegs of cream soda, the plants will move and you will be able to pass.

Once you’ve cleared the top, go through the area where bubbles come from. Watch out for puffer fish.

Watch out for the giant one too. After the puffer fish the treasure will be there. Bring it back to win.

How to Get the Rare Treasure:

1. Go to Soda Seas and collect all the soda

2. Go to the cavern where the last Soda Barrel was, and jump out of the water and hit the wall. The worm should fall out:

3. Use the Worm to catch Fluffy

4. Bring Fluffy to the place where you collected the 3rd barrel. Catch Mullet

5. Either bring Mullet back to your net or let him go. Then go down the cave to the pile of coins

6. After the crab collects all the coins, he will feel sorry for you and give you the Rare Treasure!


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