Bean Catchers is one of the oldest games in Club Penguin. You take your mouse and move it to dodge obstacles and deliver the Coffee Beans for the Coffee Shop! There are two levels: Regular and Jelly Bean Mode! It is located in the Coffee Shop!

Normal Level:

Here are the Instructions for the Normal Level:

Make sure to drop off your Coffee Bags when there are little or no bags coming from the truck! Otherwise you will drop bags or even lose a life!

WARNING: Avoid all of the hazards like Anvils, Flower Pots, and Fish!

If you are down a life, have no fear. You may see one of these…

If you collect it, you will get a 1-Up!

There are 4 Levels to the Original Game. If you make it past all of them, you will get a 500 coin bonus!

Jelly Bean Level:

To get to the Jelly Bean Levels, do the Following!

1. Get to the Start Screen, then Click on the Bags:

2. Then Click on the Jelly Bean Pile that falls out!

Now that you are in the Jelly Bean Mode, select your difficulty!

Here are the Instructions for the Jelly Bean Mode:

Depending on the Level of Difficulty you chose, you will see a different Page when you Click next.




These screen tell you what the colors on the Valve mean. When certain colors are highlighted, you can only put those colors of bags onto the Platform!

Hope this Helps! Let me know if I can add anything else to make it better!



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