Bits &’ Bolts

Hey everyone! Here is the Official Guide for the Game, Bits and Bolts:


Bits and Bolts is a game where you have to create robots! Create the Robots by using the Given gears to add up to the number! This game requires a quick mental math skill. It also doesn’t give that many coins…


The First set of instructions explains how to match the bolts to the number listed:

When the Screen says “… Only”, only use those types to get the total:

Power ups throughout the game will help you clear out bolts!

This explains special types of bots that can be created:


When you get into the Game, your mouse will have a Number Following it, this number shows the number of Bolts needed to create the Robot:

Here is the Screen of the Game:

As the game goes along, the faster the Bolts will come down. So you have to be quick!

Good Luck!


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