Catchin’ Waves


Catchin’ Waves came once the cove opened to the public in 2007. Penguin could surf for the first time, and there are many challenges that can come with surfing! This game has 4 Modes of play, and you can find it at the Cove!

As mentioned before, this game has 4 different modes that you can choose from, here are all four:

I will explain each one through out this guide! So if you need a certain one, keep scrolling!

Surf Lesson:

The surf lesson is for those who have not surfed before, so this is a introduction on how to play the game!

This level starts out with showing you how to control your penguin, by moving your mouse up and down along the wave to gain speed:

It then shows you that you can slow down, and that you can “Shoot the Tube” by staying under the wave and getting out of it!

Next it shows you how to flip. By gaining speed, you can move your mouse in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion. Once you get close to the wave, click your mouse and hold it to grind on the wave!

Finally it shows you that you can do tricks while on the wave by pushing any of the arrow keys!
Hint: If you press more than 1 at a time, you will do special moves!

And that is the basis of playing Catchin’ Waves! We will move onto the next mode now.

Freestyle Mode:

This part of the game is for you to practice all of your skills or just to surf! This mode is open to everyone, and can be a great way to earn some extra coins! Here are some things to remember while doing this mode:

1. Do tricks!
– Shooting the tube + flipping can be a great way to earn coins!

2. Don’t get to close to the bottom of the wave
-This will cause you to lose a life!

3. If you start falling off your board, move your mouse behind you or click and hold to regain control!

With these tips and all you have learned, you should be a surfing pro in no time! If you are a member, you can continue to the next mode.

Competition Mode:

The next mode in Catchin’ Waves is competition mode! This mode is a lot of fun to do, but is only for members only. In this mode, you have three judges who tell you what the want to see when you are surfing, here is an example:

Once you start surfing, keep in mind what the judges asked you to do! In the bottom right corner, the judges will have a little bar of their happiness:

Your goal is to perform all the judges wanted, and fill up the Green Bar below each judge! If you fill up each bar before the wave ends, the judges will give you perfect 10′s! Whether you fill it up or not, you can move onto the next round!

You will continue this until you complete 3 rounds. Once you do, you will get to stand on the podium depending on where you finished! You will also get a bonus coin prize!

Survival Mode:

The final mode in Catchin’ Waves is the survival mode. Like competition mode, this is for members only.  This mode is very hard, as you try to race to the end of the longest wave ever discovered, while dodging ice bergs!

When you see an exclamation point, that means that an ice berg will be coming there!

Avoid that spot, but if you do get hit, make sure to click and hold down to regain balance:

As you go through this mode, different point values trigger different obstacles! Here are the point values and what happens at them:

400 points=Slow Icebergs start
2200 points=Slow Icebergs Stop
4400 points=Fast icebergs start
9000 points=Fast Icebergs stops
12000 points=Fast icebergs starts
15000 points=Slow Icebergs
15800 points=All Icebergs stop
20000 points=Shark comes

As you can see, at 20,000 points the shark will appear in the water.

The shark will first jump out of the water and then land back in. If you can dodge both of those, the game will end shortly after that! You will get a 500 Coin bonus ontop of your 2000 coins!


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