Hydro Hopper


Hydro Hopper, also known as Ballistic Biscuit before the name got changed in 2007, is the oldest game in Club Penguin! In the game, you have to jump over obstacles while crazy penguins are driving the boat. This game is located at the Dock.

Game Play:

When you first enter the game, it will show you the basics of how to play the game. Just move your mouse to move, and click to jump!


You will then be able to play the first level. After you beat Level 1, another screen will come up showing that you can’t jump the buoys, otherwise you will lose a life!

If you do happen to get knocked off your tube, have no fear! Once level 3 starts, you will be able to get extra lives by picking up the life rings!


After this point, just keep playing and get as many coins as you can! When you jump over objects, you get 10 points, so be sure to do a lot of jumping!

Game Upgrade:

Hydro Hopper offers a catalog at the dock where members can buy items to make the game more fun! At the dock, click on the Red Catalog in the corner of the screen:

In the catalog, you can buy different Wakeboards to use in the game! To use a wakeboard in game, make sure that your penguin is holding it when you go to the game screen! The Wakeboard is a hand item.

In the game, you will earn 20 points per jump instead of 10! Here is my penguin using the Wakeboard:

The levels go on until you lose all your lives, so this is a good game to collect a lot of coins! Good luck hopping!

–PenguinCastle !


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