Jetpack Adventure


Jetpack Adventure was introduced by Gary a few days after the lighthouse opened in 2006. This game’s levels used to be available to all players, but with the introduction to stamps, only the first level is available to all players. This game is located at the Beacon:


To start off with, here are the Game’s directions:

There are five levels in this game. The first level is open to all players, but after that is members only. While you are flying, you may see a few different types of items. There are obviously the bad ones, like the Directions say. But there are also good ones! Here are a few:


10 Coin:


Extra Fuel:

These items will help you throughout the game! You have watch about the amount of fuel you have. The fuel meter is on the top left corner.

In this game, the Green Puffle will be able to fly along with you! So bring your puffle into the game by walking them, and then going to the beacon!

If you play through the entire game of Jet Pack Adventure without getting a single coin or any fuel you will receive an 1000 Coin Bonus!
Remember, you will receive coins for extra fuel!


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