Puffle Launch

hey everyone! Waddle over to the Pet Shop, because the Newest Game in Club Penguin is Finally Here!

First off, you will need to choose a puffle you will use in the Game:

Then you can choose from Several Levels! Box Dimension and Soda Sunset are Members Only…

Also, as you complete Levels, you will gain Puffle O’s to create a new Cannon!

Once you complete All the Levels in “Blue Sky”, you will gain a Cannon you can put into your igloo to play!

Want a Guide? Click READ MORE for a COMPLETE Puffle Launch Guide!



Puffle Launch is a very basic, yet strategic game. The object of the game is to launch your puffle through the Air using special Cannons! You will soar through the air collecting Puffle O’s and eventually coming to the End! As you progress, the levels get more challenging, and more FUN! There are 3 Sets of 12 Worlds:


The Controls in Puffle Launch are Very Simple. For all the cannons but blue, you Press Spacebar to Fire the cannon:

After you fire, you can move your puffle to the Left or Right using the Left and Right Arrow Keys:


There are Four different types of Cannons, they are listed Below:

Another Very Useful Cannon is the Checkpoint Cannon! This cannon restarts you if you fall in the water:


The Objective of the game, like said before, is to Collect all the Puffle O’s in Each Level:

You will know when you have done this when the Big O in the Corner is Gold like this:

After you collect all the Puffle O’s, Get to the Goal which looks like this:


During you Launching, there are several different objects that will block your way!

Pianos (How does that hold?) will cause your puffle to bounce the wrong way!

Floating Cactus will also Make your puffle bounce the wrong way!

Klutzy is a big Obstacle. Herbert has taken an Aqua Grabber and Transformed it into a Flying Crab! Watch out for him at the Finish:

Not all obstacles are bad, Balloons let you bounce to places that have hidden Puffle O’s!

There are only a few changes to the levels in Soda Sunset. For one, the levels become increasingly harder! But, the main difference are some new obstacles and Cannons.


The cannons are still the same with the Normal and Checkpoint Cannons, but a new cannon has been added.The Sling Shot Cannon.

To use this cannon, hold down the Down Arrowkey and it will pull you back. Release the Arrowkey to get launched.


Soda Sunset have some new obstacles that you have to deal with. There are still Green Balloons!

Anvils have replaced the Pianos! If you touch them, you will bounce really far in which ever direction you hit.

Pink Balloons are like the Green Balloons, but they do not bounce you as far. They are used for small jumps, not large ones.

Another new Obstacle is the Giant Fans. These fans are strong enough to keep your puffle in the air and not fall! There are levels where the fans move and you need to transfer your puffle from fan to fan.

The Box Dimension has wandered into the Newest Game in Club Penguin! This wacky room has a lot of new Obstacles, and a sweet new Cannon!


These group of levels have the ordinary blue and green cannons, but have a really cool new one!

The Slow Motion Cannon: This cannon lets maneuver through tight spots using the power of Slow Motion!


The wackiness of the Box Dimension has had an effect on these Obstacles. All of them are boxes!

Teleport Box: These boxes always come in pairs. When you enter one box, you will come out of it’s pair!

Plant Boxes: These are obstacles just like the Cactus, there are 3 different types:

Firework Boxes: These boxes are shaped like eggs, when you bounce off of them, they explode into Fire works!

Shaped Boxes: These boxes change shape once you bounce off them! They go from Squares, to Circles, to Triangles!


Good Luck and I hope this guide Helps!


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