Hey everyone! The newest puffle game, Pufflescape, has finally arrived! This game’s object is to move your puffle through the underground caves of CP collecting Puffle O’s! So let’s start the Guide:


The basic point of this game is to move your puffle through the caves of Club Penguin while collecting Puffle O’s and getting achievements! This game requires patients and lots of fun!


The directions of Pufflescape is fairly basic, here are some important info:


First off, you will need to go to the Pet Shop to Play!

From there, you will be able to start playing! Here is the main Game Screen:

From here, you can select your level! When you enter a level, there are a few key items floating around!

This unlocks the Gate to finish the level!

Single Puffle O:
This gives you points, but also is a key item!

Triple Puffle O:
Like the Single Puffle O, but better!

Your goal is to collect all of these items as quickly as you can! To finish a level, you need to get the Key and go through the exit:

And if you ever get stuck with a level, click on the notepad in the top left corner for help!

If you are still struggling on a level, check out our 100% Complete Video Guide! Make sure to have Annotations on!


Pufflescape Start Menu




Awesome! What do you think of Pufflescape? Did our guide help? Let us know in the Comments!


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