The Ultimate Guide to Finding Mascots

Hello Penguins.

Today i am sharing very relevant information regarding finding Mascots that visit the island.

Before i continue with the tutorial,i’d like you to know what Mascots are,Well,Mascots are characters that fit into the Club Penguin story line and give missions,They are meet able famous characters and are able to give out free backgrounds and automatically accept friend requests.



I made this tutorial for the people who like to find the Mascots when they visit the Island,and i find this activity pretty fun.

Before i continue ( Again ;P ) i want you to know that this is NOT a Mascot Tracker but a tutorial that will help you find mascots.



Finding Mascots in Club Penguin isn’t very easy as the Mascots come on different server languages , and times at which you cannot get on Club Penguin, so don’t fully rely on this tutorial to find mascots.


Also,Mascots are Usually found in Crowded Servers,So whenever you Login to a Crowded server Make sure to look around And ask people if they have seen a Mascot lately,You might get lucky!

Mascots are usually found in crowded servers so if you visit a crowded server you should look around in the rooms and ask some penguins if they have seen any Mascots recently , You might get lucky!


Mascots usually visit the Island more often in Takeovers and parties so you have a higher chance of meeting them during these events.

Mascots don’t always visit the Island , sometimes some mascots do not visit the Island for even more than a week!

Below i listed summarised and short methods which can help you find Mascots.


The first method which is the easiest is simply done by reading the Official Club Penguin What’s New blog , usually Mascot Meet-up times are posted there but remember these times are in PST , which can be viewed in snow fortd.

The second Method is based on Luck,And you would be more Lucky on Takeovers or Parties,Every once in a While Login to a Crowded server,Such as Blizzard or Abdominable , Look around in the map and ask Penguins if they have seen a Mascot,they may tell you its location or the last time they have seen.

The second method isn’t very easy and you won’t instantly find a mascot , this method is simply done by logging on Crowded Servers and looking around in rooms,asking penguins if they have seen a mascot recently.

Remember ~ The second method is recommended during takeovers and parties.

The third Method is via Twitter,If you have a Club Penguin Twitter Account and Follow Many Penguins,From time to time Someone might say A mascot’s Location,There are also some accounts Dedicated for Tracking mascots only,You can look for them here and there on twitter.

The third method which involves Social Media,to be more specific,Twitter.

So basically many Club Penguin players on Twitter usually tweet the location of a Mascot whenever they know it’s location , this method is pretty helpful but will not always work.

The fourth Method is By joining chats,Some Club Penguin chats are dedicated for Tracking mascots,Even though i don’t recommend for those who are not Allowed to go on Chat rooms,I personally prefer Penguin Lodge chat , Which has a bot that Automatically tracks Mascots and announces location , My second favorite Chat is Riffy8888 Chat room Which is a Mascot tracking chat.

The fourth Method is by joining Mascot tracking groups which are really helpful and would save you alot of time and effort you use to find Mascots,here are some helpful sites regarding this method.

Penguin Lodge chat ~ Chat with an automated Mascot Tracker

Riffy8888 Chat room ~ Chat where people share a Mascot’s location.



If you have any ideas let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section!

Waddle on!





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