Pizzatron 3000


Pizzatron 3000 is an invention that Gary made to help the workers at the pizza parlor make enough pizzas for the hungry penguins of CP! This game is a fast paced game that makes you hungry for pizza! This game is located at the Pizza Parlor:

Normal Mode:


When you first get to the game, you will be brought to the Start Menu! Here is that page:

Click Play, and you will be brought to the pizza making line! On the right, you will see the pizza you need to make:

Then, as the crust moves down the line, you have to add the toppings listed on the order!

As you move through the orders, the pizzas will start moving a lot faster! So make sure you keep it up! If you make all the pizzas with no mistakes, you will get this screen and a stamp!

Candy Mode:

There is a special mode in Pizzatron 3000 called Candytron 3000! In this mode, you will be making candy pizzas instead of regular ones! To get to Candy Mode, you have to click this lever on the start screen:

Once you start, it is just like the normal version, but with candy! Here are the items you have to use:

This version of the game gets you more coins per pizza, so it is often one more people pick!

Good luck making pizzas!


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